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Methods for cleanse the skin

Methods for cleanse the skin

Such as skin cleansing can be the incense, anoint, use of masks and so on.Everyone, according to skin type can benefit from cleaning procedures.Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink enough water to help skin health and vitality.


White mask

The mask of yogurt and wheat germ (a tablespoon of low-fat yogurt with a teaspoon of wheat germ flour or bread flour mixed) masks or starch (a tablespoon of low-fat yogurt with a teaspoon of starch mix) and gently massage your face in rotation mode and after a quarter rinse with cold water.


Do not touch your face


The Scrabble for touch and can ruin your skin.Do not rely on your face, hands and try to talk on a cell phone, the phone is not in contact with your face.Hand and probably Huawei fat and microbes that can worsen skin patches and ugliness. Sweat can aggravate acne. After sweating, gently wash your face.

With applicator cream on your skin

When you put on your skin cream or a matter of cosmetics, cotton swabs or applicators clean the pieces and use. Do not use a makeup sponge old again; replace it. If you want to use your hand, clean it and at first only the tip of your fingers. Also, before any clean your face

Do not squeeze your acne

Pimples or acne will only make you more pressing problems. Resist this temptation. This will only prolong the healing and scar formation more likely. Squeezing pimples may push infectious material into the skin where they can cause inflammation and scarring further.


 If you use acne medications are recommended

There is no quick fix for acne. Medications do not work over night. Skin recovery requires many weeks of daily treatments. Treatment of acne may take up to six months. After treatment, skin care, primary (daily bath and wash hands and face with mild soap) may be sufficient. You may need to be treated even when your skin, Acne drug use. Follow the advice of your doctor. Too much medication can irritate skin, but does not affect the amount is too low.

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