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Salt and damage it

Salt and damage it

Did you know that eating too much salt can be bad for you is very dangerous and is a threat to the health of your bones and increases the blood pressure in kidney stones and obesity are.

The impact of salt on bone strength:

Salt salty taste to create a product with the taste of food plays an important role.The amount of salt needed daily for each individual, about three to five grams a day (half a teaspoon) is.china is one of the most widely countries the average daily salt intake is two to three times the global standard. According to the researchers, the amount of salt in about 10 to 15 grams per day, which is significantly more than the standard salt intake.By the China per capita consumption of salt in one year, six kg while three kilograms of salt consumed per year worldwide.

Salt against bone:

Osteoporosis leads to reduced bone mass and destruction of bone tissue building.In this condition, the person with the slightest impact bones and an increased risk of bone fractures in the hip, spine and wrist is more.The loss of bone mass and osteoporosis happens silently and quiet and often there is no are no symptoms until a fracture occurs.About half of women older than 45 years and 90% of women older than 75 years are affected to osteoporosis.Old men are also affected by osteoporosis, but the risk is less than women.Also, the decrease in bone mass density in postmenopausal women to receive much more salt than other women.So taking more than five grams of salt per day is a significant negative effect on bone density.

What factors cause osteoporosis, except salts are?

Pathogens can cause decreased bone density and the incidence of osteoporosis.Some of these factors are uncontrollable and another group that can change lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Gender: Women are affected more than men.Age: The age of the population, the chances of developing this illness increases.

Race: White women more likely to develop osteoporosis in Asia than others are. Odds on black women and Hispanics are far less.

Family history: Osteoporosis will be passed of one generation to another. If one of your family members to this disease and bone fractures, are more at risk than others.

Sex hormones: reduced estrogen levels that occurs during menstruation or menopause in women are associated with incidence of osteoporosis. Tstvstvrn hormone levels decline in men constitutes can cause osteoporosis.

What are the symptoms Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a sign that tells you to take it seriously and for the prevention of therapeutic dimensional problems stages start.

– back ache
Short stature over the years
Bent back
bone fractures that occur with simple falls.
The best way to diagnose bone density test that should be performed by a specialist.


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