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Removing white spots on nails

Removing white spots on nails

White lines that some people can be seen in the nail plate,Mostly due to trauma to the nail caused to individuals it is recommended to avoid fat to hold the nail plate to break it down.Some believe that calcium deficiency can also affect nail health.In case such a notion is wrong, and calcium have nothing to do with the health of nails.

White lines on the nails seen in some individuals. Mostly due injury to the nail to avoid that oily people is recommended that to keep their nails to reduce its fragility.This stains at the base of the nail and nail growth are destroyed, so it can not be considered as a problem and see a doctor.

white spots on nails
white spots on nails

When the hit the nail enters, creating bubbles in the nail plate, which eventually white lines can be seen that it is possible to stay on nails for 3 to 4 months But people should aware that if these lines increased and has spread to other nails, you should see a doctor.

Magnesium deficiency can cause increased vulnerability nail against impact and white lines that are used to treat these people be given a multivitamin to compensate for the time being.Although there is no cure for this spot, but the ways of their prevention and treatment and in some cases introduce to you.

Careful in keeping nails

Using them to cut hard things and generally avoid put pressure on them. Nails are not able to withstand high pressure.

Change your nail polish

Sometimes your nail with polish, and other devices that you use for your nail, is not compatible. For this purpose, they have the best product for your nail to find a replacement.

Keep nails clean

Some believed white nails caused infection. Because it does not specify the type of infection and germs, but it seems the only way to prevent it is to keep clean hands.

white nails

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