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Dancing is a sport for fitness

Dancing is a sport for fitness

that recreation is interesting and useful for our body, mind, senses of sight, hearing and tactile as well as strengthen;

Is dancing increased and overspread the thighs and buttocks?

Whether dancing to burn body fat?

Is dance a beautiful body is a gift to us?

Do you have questions this and is therefore’m going to put something on the interface.

Continuing with our …

Dancing one of the best ways to get physical activity in our lives. One of the reasons this sport is all engaging rhythmic, several different kinds of people that is compatible with different tastes. For all is to stay healthy, experts recommend that everyone at least five times a week, for 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity to participate.

These activities increase your heart rate and breathing and makes you warm. Do not have to sweat pant fall and evil, and evil. Therefore, you can tell in 30 minutes is sufficient to continue the movement. It is interesting to know that dance can also be part of the physical activities. Most styles of dance membranes, even the slow waltz, intensity almost equal to the average walk is 3 miles per hour.

People who are lonely even in a room adjacent to dance, not a loss, because doing so would raise their heart rate and breathing. Dancing constantly, the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type II diabetes and cancer reduces. In addition to these advantages are, so enjoy it so much that even forget you are exercising you are! Burning calories does a dance ھYkl also makes good you are and stay thin.

But one of the benefits of dancing, it is burning calories. In a 30-minute dance session, an average person weighing 60 kg will burn at least 99 calories. Of course this varies in different dance styles membranes. Dance Assemblies Of course, the more calories you’ll burn more vibrant.


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