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How can we gain sexual satisfaction wife

How can we gain sexual satisfaction wife

How can we gain sexual satisfaction wife
How can we gain sexual satisfaction wife

What skills are needed in the field And recommendations of in the field of sexual typically What?

Do you know unsolved problems in the marital relationship, sexual desire is one of the most common tractors.Emotion is a staple in sexual desire for women.Disputes hidden and unexpressed frustration, difficulty communicating, betray the trust of his wife and other obstacles intimate relationship, it can kill your sex drive.

You may be aware of those people who despite having stress, doing many things well.

But you should know sexuality is not like other things.To keep stress levels under control, containment practices or the advice of a counselor or physician stress Learn to use.

Alcohol and drugs:

Alcohol can shutdown your libido and sometimes the spouse. In the case of drugs and driving is also the opposite is true.

Lack of sleep:

If you have lost your sexual desire,Maybe it’s because sleep is too early or too late Salat go to bed;May be suffering from sleepless or sleep apnea.These sleep problems can interfere with sexual desire.Sleeping too little can lead to fatigue and exhaustion and fatigue, libido destroys.

How can we gain sexual satisfaction wife


Medications significantly may destroy sexual desire.Including sexual desire-lowering drugs, can be antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, antihistamines (hypoallergenic), some oral contraceptives, chemotherapy and so on.How can we gain sexual satisfaction wife

Body image:

If the cause of your dissatisfaction with body image (eg embarrassment of being overweight), your self-esteem is hurt, you may feel sexual attraction to lose. If your partner is the feeling, the confidence in his charm, can help him.


Erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction “ED” is a sexual disorder that causes loss of sexual desire.Men with erectile dysfunction, are concerned about their sexual functioning and the permanent concern, the secondary may affect their sexual desire.

How can we gain sexual satisfaction wife


About half of the women during their menopause (cessation of menstruation) decreased sexual desire.

A woman who is growing older and his libido is concerned, to improve the quality of the relationship with spouse, positive image and increased body esteem, drugs and more attention is his physical health.


Lack of intimacy:

Sex without intimacy, sexual desire destroys.Intimacy is not only the keyword for sexual activity. If your sex life has cooled, try to create more time for nonsexual intimacy with your partner in keeping eat.

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