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Anatomy chest and ribs

Anatomy chest and ribs

Chest (TERAX):

The skeleton of the chest from the sternum, costal cartilages, ribs and pectoral vertebrae is composed of body or trunk.This shelf is generally narrow, narrow conical shape that part top and wide at the bottom.Chest from the front to back is flat and your internal organs will keep.Also, the conditions necessary to support the shoulder girdle and limb bones creates high.

Sternum (breast bone) is:

Flat and thin bones that approximately 15 to 20 cm long and has is located in the midfield of section front chest wall.Wishbone during fetal period composed of several pieces welded together and that is why sometimes in different people, different forms such as half-dead, half or more of the result can be seen.Natural sternum is diagnosed in three parts:

  1.1 category in the shape of a triangle.

2.1 trunk large central part of it.

3.1 appendages the smallest part of it is a dagger at bottom.

Category Three-cuts, one in the middle of the name of fork wishbone and two cuts on both sides of in the name of the articular surface curved with the inner end of the clavicle (collarbone) is detailed. Categories also be joint with first and second gear.Between the handle and the body angle caused by the angle of Louis said.

gear Chest

Twelve pairs gearlocated the sides of the chest cavity.Length gears from the first Gear to seventh gear is a little high and then Length they were small.Ribs, thoracic vertebrae in the back with their own joints is.The first gear to seventh gear directly through hyaline articular cartilage is connected to the sternum.Because the ribs to the sternum independent of each connected by a rib cartilage can be said to be true to them.Gear eighth, ninth and tenth gear cartilage gear cartilage above each of them to be connected and not directly into the joints cavity is a false ribs.The three rib cartilage gear after gear cartilage connect to each other in seventh gear connected.Was released at the end of the eleventh and twelfth ribs and sternum are not joints, free gear or wavy are read.

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